Build failure how to use pyenv to install python 3 8 3 on macos big sur version

When encountering a build failure while trying to install Python 3.8.3 on macOS Big Sur using pyenv, there are several ways to solve the issue. In this article, we will explore three different options to overcome this problem.

Option 1: Update pyenv and Python Build Dependencies

The first option is to update pyenv and the necessary build dependencies. This can be done by executing the following commands in the terminal:

brew update
brew upgrade pyenv
brew upgrade openssl readline sqlite3 xz zlib

After updating pyenv and the dependencies, try installing Python 3.8.3 again using pyenv:

pyenv install 3.8.3

If the build failure persists, proceed to the next option.

Option 2: Install Python with Framework Option

The second option is to install Python with the framework option enabled. This can be achieved by running the following command:

env PYTHON_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--enable-framework" pyenv install 3.8.3

This option may resolve build failures related to macOS Big Sur compatibility issues. If the issue still persists, try the final option.

Option 3: Use Homebrew to Install Python

The third option is to use Homebrew to install Python instead of pyenv. Homebrew is a package manager for macOS that simplifies the installation process. Execute the following command to install Python 3.8.3:

brew install python@3.8

This option bypasses pyenv and directly installs Python using Homebrew. It can be a viable alternative if the previous options did not resolve the build failure.

After trying the different options, it is recommended to use Option 1: Update pyenv and Python Build Dependencies as the first approach. This option ensures that pyenv and the necessary dependencies are up to date, which can often resolve build failures. If Option 1 does not work, then proceed to Option 2 or Option 3 as alternative solutions.

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    1. Option 2 might seem like a hassle, but sometimes taking the harder route pays off in the end. Option 1 might be the easy way out, but it may not lead to the best results. Just something to consider before making a decision.

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