Azure sharepoint multi factor authentication with python

When working with Azure SharePoint, it is often necessary to implement multi-factor authentication for added security. In this article, we will explore three different ways to achieve this using Python.

Option 1: Using the Azure SDK

The first option is to utilize the Azure SDK for Python, which provides a comprehensive set of libraries and tools for interacting with Azure services. To implement multi-factor authentication, we can use the azure-identity library, which supports various authentication methods including multi-factor authentication.

from azure.identity import DefaultAzureCredential
from import ShareClient

credential = DefaultAzureCredential()
share_client = ShareClient(account_url="", share_name="", credential=credential)

# Access the SharePoint with multi-factor authentication
# Your code here

# Perform operations on the SharePoint
# Your code here

By using the DefaultAzureCredential class from the azure-identity library, we can authenticate with Azure using various methods such as environment variables, managed identities, or interactive login. Once authenticated, we can access the SharePoint and perform operations as needed.

Option 2: Using the SharePoint REST API

If you prefer a more direct approach, you can interact with the SharePoint REST API directly. This option requires making HTTP requests and handling authentication manually.

import requests

# Authenticate with multi-factor authentication
# Your code here

# Make requests to the SharePoint REST API
# Your code here

In this option, you need to authenticate with multi-factor authentication by providing the necessary credentials in the HTTP request headers. You can use the requests library to make the requests and handle the responses from the SharePoint REST API.

Option 3: Using a Third-Party Library

If you prefer a more specialized solution, you can consider using a third-party library specifically designed for SharePoint authentication. One such library is sharepy, which provides a simple interface for authenticating and interacting with SharePoint.

from sharepy import SharePoint

# Authenticate with multi-factor authentication
# Your code here

# Interact with SharePoint using sharepy
# Your code here

With sharepy, you can authenticate with multi-factor authentication and perform various operations on the SharePoint using a simplified interface. This option may be more suitable if you require specific functionalities not provided by the Azure SDK or SharePoint REST API.

After exploring these three options, it is clear that using the Azure SDK provides the most comprehensive and integrated solution for implementing multi-factor authentication with Python. It offers a wide range of features and simplifies the authentication process by handling various authentication methods. Therefore, the first option using the Azure SDK is the recommended approach for Azure SharePoint multi-factor authentication with Python.

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  1. Option 3 seems like the most secure and flexible choice when it comes to multi-factor authentication with Python. #TechTalk

  2. Option 2 seems more efficient and user-friendly. Why complicate things with third-party libraries? #SharePoint #Authentication

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