Axidraw penplotter configuration in python not working

When working with the Axidraw penplotter configuration in Python, you may encounter issues that prevent it from functioning properly. In this article, we will explore three different solutions to this problem, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Solution 1: Check the Connection

The first step in troubleshooting any hardware-related issue is to ensure that the device is properly connected to your computer. In the case of the Axidraw penplotter, make sure that the USB cable is securely plugged into both the penplotter and your computer. Additionally, check if the penplotter is powered on and receiving power.

# Check the connection

def check_connection():
    ports = list(
    for port in ports:
        if "Axidraw" in port.description:
            return True
    return False

if check_connection():
    print("Connection established.")
    print("Connection failed.")

This code snippet uses the module to list all available serial ports on your computer. It then checks if any of the ports have a description containing the string “Axidraw”. If a matching port is found, it indicates that the connection is established.

Solution 2: Update the Drivers

If the connection is established but the Axidraw penplotter is still not working, it may be due to outdated or incompatible drivers. Visit the official Axidraw website and download the latest drivers for your operating system. Install the drivers and restart your computer to ensure that the changes take effect.

# Update the drivers
import subprocess

def update_drivers():["axidraw-driver-installer.exe"])


This code snippet uses the subprocess module to run the Axidraw driver installer executable. Replace axidraw-driver-installer.exe with the actual filename of the driver installer for your operating system.

Solution 3: Verify the Configuration

If the connection is established and the drivers are up to date, the issue may lie in the configuration of the Axidraw penplotter. Verify that the correct configuration settings are applied in your Python code.

# Verify the configuration
import axidraw

def verify_configuration():
    ad = axidraw.AxiDraw()
    config = ad.config()
    if config["model"] == "A4":
        print("Configuration is correct.")
        print("Configuration is incorrect.")


This code snippet uses the axidraw module to create an instance of the Axidraw class. It then retrieves the current configuration settings using the config() method. In this example, we check if the model is set to “A4”, but you can modify this condition based on your specific configuration.

After exploring these three solutions, it is evident that the best option depends on the specific issue you are facing. If the connection is not established, Solution 1 is the most appropriate. If the connection is established but the penplotter is still not working, Solution 2 should be considered. Finally, if the connection and drivers are fine, but the configuration is incorrect, Solution 3 is the way to go. Remember to thoroughly analyze the problem and choose the solution that best addresses the root cause.

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    1. Hmm, sounds like youve hit a roadblock with your Axidraw penplotter. Have you considered reaching out to the manufacturers support team? They might be able to offer some guidance tailored to your specific issue. Good luck!

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